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Along the mountains that surround the Lagunas de Saraguallas live a group of coffee farmers who contribute to the blend Altos de Saraguallas. Producers have on average a farm size of 2 hectares, where they maintain traditional agricultural practices, planting traditional coffee varieties, alongside and under the shade of other crops. This is a light roasted washed processed coffee that starts off with a sweet muscovado note and leads to fruit notes.


Partner: Caravela Coffee


Location: Loja, Ecuador


Flavor notes: Muscovado, Black Currant, Vanilla

Varietal/Process: Sachimor/Acaua/Castillo/ - Washed

Altos de Saraguallas

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight: 12oz, and 2lbs

    Allergen: Roasted and packaged in a facility that contains traces of milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and/or soy 

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