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This story began on a bus in Ecuador.

This story began on a bus in Ecuador. Our Dad was backpacking and met our Mom, a local. Sparks flew. On their honeymoon, the newlyweds packed up a green VW bus and moved to Athens, Georgia.

As kids we treasured our summers in Ecuador with family. We loved the beach, the food and – not surprisingly – the chocolate. Condor Chocolates is our homage to the birthplace of our mother, a testament to the sense of adventure that brought our Dad to her, and a celebration of Ecuador, home of the finest cacao in the world.


We’re brothers, born, raised and educated in Athens, Georgia.

Nick rode bikes and worked in agriculture while tinkering with chocolate in his home kitchen. Peter worked in politics before realizing his place was in the kitchen, eventually becoming chef of The National, another culinary wonder in Athens.

Located in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Athens, Georgia, Condor Chocolates produces and sells bean-to-bar chocolate bars, truffles, sipping chocolate, hot cocoa, coffee, iced beverages, gelato and a variety of confections.



Our small shop was once our factory and retail location. 

Our small shop was once our factory and retail location. With such love and support, we've expanded to the Chases Street Warehouses where all chocolate making takes place. The shop, however, allows you to witness the production of all our truffles and other decadent desserts. We invite you to sit and experience the love and warmth for yourself.

-Nick and Peter Dale

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