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This box includes an assortment of our seasonal flavors: 


Our gooey salted caramel flavored with banana milk, perfectly paired with dark chocolate, piped into our swirl mould.
Ingredients: dark chocolate, sugar, banana soymilk, butter, heavy cream, banana liqueur, salt  (Gluten-Free)



A shining gem-shaped truffle piped full of luscious house made salted caramel.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, butter, salt, sunflower lecithin (Gluten-Free)



Our 70% dark chocolate ganache topped with crunchy cacao nibs. A true classic.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, heavy cream, glucose, salt, sunflower lecithin (Gluten-Free)



Sweet mango pâte de fruit topped with spiced dark chocolate ganache, hand painted red and orange. 

Ingredients: mango puree, dark chocolate, sugar, glucose, heavy cream, tajin, apple pectin, tartaric acid, cayenne  (Gluten-Free)



Creamy milk chocolate ganache steeped with our Choco Coffee and topped with coffee beans and sugar pearls.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, heavy cream, glucose, Choco Coffee beans, Kahlua liqueur, salt, sunflower lecithin (Gluten-Free)



Coconut cream-dark chocolate ganache infused with pineapple rum, with toasted coconut inside, splattered with yellow cocoa butter.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, pineapple rum, glucose, coconut cream, toasted coconut, salt (Vegan, Gluten-Free)



Our beloved raspberry pâte de fruit layered with rich coconut cream ganache and decorated with a scalloped pink design.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, coconut cream, raspberry puree, sugar, glucose, pectin, tartaric acid, salt, sunflower lecithin (Vegan, Gluten-Free)



A nostalgic marshmallow milk chocolate ganache, topped with roasted Georgia pecans.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, heavy cream, dark chocolate, glucose, marshmallows, pecans, salt (Gluten-Free)


Assorted Truffle Box - Summer

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  • Allergen: Made in a facility that processes tree nuts and dairy 

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